Requesting LUA Code Teacher

Yeah. Thats the thread.

I felt like I should learn LUA scripting, since I play Garry’s Mod alot.
I used to try it out with the wiki on LUA for gmod but that didn’t really help, plus I forgot everything.
I just want to get good at it, learn it and start my own chatbox, gamemode, pointshop, whatever little gadget for LUA there is.

Thanks anyways.

Also, I can pay if you want but it needs to be some HQ teaching.

( Im only thirteen years old, anyways, so… yeah.
And I have a microphone )

You’ve been warned people…

So? Just cause I’m thirteen doesn’t mean I’m a complete gayfag.
Not all thirteen year olds are immature.

No one mentioned gay or fag.

Using the word gayfag makes you sound pretty immature.

I believe one can’t teach how to script in GMod. This skill must be obtained by learning.

Everything’s been laid out for aspiring scriptees. There’s the wiki, the forums and code on from which you can learn (note the emphasis on that word) from.


Download alot of gamemodes from

read the shit out of them

compare things with the wiki

make scripts and scripts and gamemodes

look more at the wiki for help

post at facepunch if any questions and your done

I started to learn when I was 10 and 3 years now I can code 8D

Download a shit ton of scripts of of and if ur stuck on something then ask a lua coder to make a script for you and you just learned how to make what you where stuck on.

How much are you paying?

The fact that you say “gay fag” like that and ask the question “Ok?” like “K?” then state “K” afterwords suggests otherwise, sir.