Requesting lua scripters

please lock

May like to know if you’re associated with their “project” you will lose access to any and all present and future PE gamemodes.

These failures of a “team” cannot even replace the NPCs to the proper locations, fix chat, or even correct the scoreboard.

Kinda pathetic.

I’m sorry. This guy is a total fucktard

Why dont you go back to your mom and ask her if she can help, she only changes your diapers everyday.

Lol the gamemode is fully working


Npc’s are in correct place Inventory works cars work ooc works

I was just on it. The NPCs are misplaced, chat doesn’t work, scoreboard errors out.

Unless you’re a different kiddy who thinks stealing is fun.

Maybe he just wants to be as epic as Pulsar Effect

Even when you lost the game, you’ll still get DDoS’d.

We Changed map and everything works


so suck mah dick

You stole a gamemode, thats possibly trademarked/protected by the CCA.

You might just get a letter from the DMCA.


Next time, learn about licencing before talking.