Requesting Models for Matthew Henson Project

I would like to request some models ( Player models or rag dolls, doesn’t matter ) for my school project about Matthew Henson. I am currently making a movie about Matthew Henson using GMod 10 and I was hoping to see if anyone had any models for men wearing fur coats ( or at least Heavy Winter wear ), ( I need at least one White and at least one African-American Model ) dogs ( ragdolls, NPCs, or Player models, doesn’t matter ) or any Inuit/Eskimo models. ( Rag doll, NPC, or Playermodel, doesn’t matter )

Thanks in advance.

EDITED: Added links to Pictures, sorry.

No. Provide us with pictures first.

Most people here don’t even know who Matt Henson was. Pics and a description would help.

Sorry, added pictures and a link to a description.