Requesting permision to edit a rp_downtown map

I’m current trying to get permissions to edit a rp_downtown Map for a community I am with.
I’ve been to alot of other forums, tried contacting people through steam, None seem to work ( this was my last resort for some reason… ).
All I need is a mappers permission and the original .VMF file.

If you mean the original rp_downtown_v2 then here:

If you mean any of the other hundred odd edits of it, you’ll have to be more specific as to which.

I would much rather, rp_ww2_downtown, But if that is not avalible than any will do.
And thanks for the link! ^^,

I prefer the RP_ww2_Downtown because it’s the current map and I don’t want to make too much change. ( Don’t know why I put this here but I did.)

Just give the original creator credit, I dont think they’ll care that much.

Is that file by the legit creator of rp_downtown_v2? I clicked on his name to view his other works, but there were none. In my opinion that’s a bit fishy.

Yes, ThePro created RP_Downtown_v2.

I think he may have died, the last time I talked to him was almost 3 years ago now (same time as he was last seen online anywhere) and he was delusional and depressed the last time I talked to him. I got an unconfirmed report from a friend of his in the NY area that he did.

He was pretty anal about people not fucking with his map (but that never stopped any idiots from doing it.) I’ll just repeat what he told me in that nobody has permission to edit his map, there never will be any “officially” sanctioned edits of it.

Yeah, I think he is dead. RIP. Anyway, it probably won’t matter who edits the map now, since the creator died.

Oh wow. That sucks. I can’t help but feel bad, even though I didn’t know the guy.

On the issue of maps and their creators, I think it’s good to have the creator’s blessing to make the map if they’re not working on it anymore. But on the other hand, should the map be broken, and the author has no plan to fix the issues, then go right ahead. I’ve never played an original version of rp_downtown, so I don’t know what state the map was in.

But I do think edits to perfectly good maps do stifle creativity in map making. I’ve met a few “mappers” that never worked on an original map in their life, but spent all their time “fixing” an existing map.

The map was never really broken, it’s just people wanted to add more to the map or change certain aspects of it. I collaborated with him a bit when he was still working on it and he could have made it better than it was, though he really didn’t care much.

Yeah the map was just fine, there are already too many edits.