Requesting personal skin for Garrysmod.

From what you can see on the title you would know that I am requesting a personal skin for Garrysmod. Please reply if you are interested in taking up my challenge, and thank you!

Post some pictures man. Don’t tease people in here, just show us what you want.
If it’s simple enough I’m sure some one will do it.

how can i post pictures of something that hasnt been created yet?

scratch that that was stupid you mean post pictures of the models i want in there right?

simply… post pictures of what clothes you want the person to be wearing or person to look like, references, if I were you id throw a picture of nemesis from RE up there then slap a picture of hot pants on and your good to go.

here i’ll put the reference pictures up for you



But yeah, some reference pics would be a lot easier for someone to help.

male 07 head

i guess half deads cloths (2 to the left) and half deads hat (3 to the right)

Россия hand models

and that black guys shoes that is right next to the asian

and now for the uneeded detail (i know this is allot of stuff so far but didnt i say it was a challenge?)
can it be bloody like

and (at 22:48)

and finally put the name Evan on one of the bottoms of one of the shoes please

and as alwase thank you!

(links) for hands for shoes for cloths and hat