Requesting Plant-Hands

Helloooooooooooo :o

im working solo on a own singleplayer game, im looking to finish the code, but i have a single/simple model >insert screen

yep thats it… but the model is solo and i need someone to add simple hands to it and a IDLE and USE animation, nothing more

anyone up for this job? ull get into the Credits ;o

if u think its too small of a work and ur looking for a BIG Challenge, im also looking for a good version of

made for that game :slight_smile:

also yes u get a good mention in the credits ingame.

also a good way to show your skill ;o


There’s this thing called the edit button… Use it instead of 4 back to back posts…

The thread’s been dead for three months. They’re just bumping it to keep it from getting buried.

On that same note, I think three months without any responses is a good time to call this request dead. That’s up to the OP, though.

heh still desperately looking for this easy job, might offer a few dollars for help also.

edit: also the project Website if anyone is looking for more professional approach:

also for more infos we (okok i lied its only me so far) are also on moddb

if no one’s helping now, they probably won’t.

was just trying to add more usefull info and content.


wish i’d knew what -snippost- means, but either way i’d also like to present a Video Footage wich Realistic Graphics/Models/Sounds

I’m not volunteering, but what is your request even? You don’t have much of a description in the original post.


i have a model of a simple PLANT Strunk a Friend made for me, its RAW Files (*mdl *obj *mtl *fbx *dae *png)

i just need someone to add simple hands to it and 2 Simple Animations (IDLE, USE) wich is probably the easiest request but i have no experience in modelling (also dont know if its easier, but the request is goldsource not source)

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It’s been 5 months, dude. I don’t think you’re going to get any help with this. If someone were going to help, they would have posted and said so by now. You may want to consider doing something else with the model at this point.

Thanks, but i dont know how, its going to be a Weapon aka. Medkit usable by the Player after he picks it up and uses it from the Weaponslots, and it looks kinda bad if theres nothing in his hand after he picked up the plant after all and he just presses the button and is healed right? with this model being done i could finally start recruiting a Coder, but its pointless without having the basic model for the healplant being done.

up, also Hireing a Artist for a small graphic.

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