Requesting Red Neck rampage models

I was wondering if someone else had fun playing an old game called Red Neck rampage that some of us grew up with. Well i was seeing if someone wanted to make a model of a few people like Leonerd or bubba.

Can somone please model theese? Thank you.

Hello? Anyone?

these are really low quailty an unlikely to be ported

Quality is not the issue, as pointed out in the sticky.

The issue is they don’t exist in the finished product. The FMV models are not in the assets and the game “models” are sprites.

I ment to make them not port.

Cmon people are making Justin Beiber models and noone will make theese?

they arent making Justin Bieber (I hope) its just a request you need to calm and wait I think like 1 outta 20 odd requests by me have been done so patience is needed here

its more like a 1 out of 100 chance

exactly but im just talking about me requests XD

Ok ill be illitle more patient