Requesting relatively easy texture for pre-made model.

I made a model paraglider recently for use with GMOD (Using Maya and Milkshape), I had it compiled and placed it in game but am somewhat clueless on how to texture it. I’ll throw you a tip if you need it.

Reference pictures for texture.

Color patern;
Inside Color;
You’ll notice that I’ve made a square-diamond box thing where the air intakes are on the wing. I need all the diagonal sides to be white like the “Inside Color” reference picture I have above, but keep the top and botom the main color of the wing.

Here are my files of the paraglider. - .qc file - .smd file

Also, feel free to add me on Steam if you need to talk. Steamlogin - jerryhelmutmartin

how’s about UV maps?

Don’t really know how to do them, sadly… I’ve looked up a tutorial and have tried, but it came out wrong and looked like a large pile of shit.

Without UV Maps, a texture cannot be applied to your model.

Would you be willing to show me how to UV, or could you take a stab at it?

Unfortunately, I know absolutely nothing about making a UV map, sorry!