Requesting RP_C18_V1 VMF

Hey, so I don’t post on here so much, or rather just request anything. I have looked nearly everywhere now and I can’t seem to find a working original .vmf file for the map rp_c18_v1. If anybody has any information or even said file, it would help out a lot! Thanks.

Not sure if it’s the original, but:

While I appreciate the effort, I am certain that this is not the original sadly. Upon compiling, I am given the error “Brush 1252318: MAX_MAP_BRUSHSIDES” which leads me to believe that it was decompiled thus resulting in more than 1,252,318 brush sides while there should only be 65,252 or so.

In that case, I don’t think the original was ever released.

The creator, HumiliatioN, apparently released the VMFs for C18 and several other maps at… though this url is no longer available.

here you go:

Thanks, but it still isn’t compiling. I must be doing something wrong.