Requesting RPG-7 class guided missile swep (models included)

I’ve been searching a while for a guided-RPG swep as shown in the video below;

(0:35 - 1:02) - sorry, couldn’t find any better reference.

Anyway, some weapons have it so that you can change firemode with e + second mouse button. However, what I want is this:

RPG-7 (This one is available for modification, as long as whoever changes it gives pac credit: ) that seeks out man hacks, shot out from alternete firemode (normal pistol).

The second fire mode changes to a pistol that shoots man hacks that don’t move.
The result should be something like in the trailer.

Is this at all possible, and if it is - are there anyone willing to create the LUA script for it?

What kind of accuracy do you want on this thing? That RPG’s rocket quite deliberately flys madly about in mid air, so you quite often miss. Do you want something that’ll hit the beacon every time, that’ll hit the beacon most times, will sometimes hit the becon or will generally land in the becon’s area if fired from a reasonable distance?

Perhaps a variable, Lexic? To determine the accuracy.

It’s got a var already, but I’ll make a convar.
I think I’ll rewrite most of the code too, as it’s fairly inefficient and has lots of remnants from the two sweps the author mashed together. :v:

Ok I’ve finished. I’ll leave it 'till the morning before releasing, so I can look at it with a clear head and fix any obvious bugs. :3:

I made something similar to this a long time ago, but can’t find it anymore

Sweet man, you’re awesome!

No problem. I may change how the homing system works later. I don’t particularly like the current one.

I think it worked fine. :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh it works, and if you put ‘developer 1’ in console you can see it working. I just think I could make it work a bit better.