Requesting Saurian DT ports with anims

So this indie game had released a dev tool to the public a few weeks ago. It contains 3 dinosaur models (i’m interested in the tyrannosaurus the most) all of which are fully animated and textured.

I’m asking if anyone can port these models with all of their animations to Gmod or at least teach me how to.
I am also requesting the inclusion of motion axes, because i would like them to be NPC compatible.

Download link:

Use Unity assets explorer to get textures, meshes, and anims.

In the assets file there are .43 meshes, extract them and convert using Noesis.

You need a plugin for noesis to import .43 files where you can download here:

From there you can export the .43 file as obj and do what you want to it. If you’re asking how to port it, i’m not experienced with porting models to gmod, someone else can help you.