Requesting Skyrim RP

Project Is Almost Done - Skyrim RP

Need Coders

What Need To Be Done:
HUD - Done
Inventory - Done
Mounts - Done
Skills - Done
Magic SWEPs - Done
And Some SNPCs like Giants,etc… - Done

For more details,contact me

Gamemode Progress - 100%

Hope to see you guys in-game soon. :slight_smile:

Well, if you try search then theres is a couple gamemodes related to this such as
It’s more Fallout, But yeah.

I know but it isn’t for download and such so I came up with an idea to make one.

Oh didn’t notice that.

And it will bite the dust after three weeks, tops.

Mm, RP is out bring on new gamemodes. But you never know, people didn’t think WW2 rp would be popular and look at it

Not even a day it seems, oh dear.


What…? You need EVERYTHING done, how the fuck is 80% of the gamemode done?

Take dark rp and change the models and names of the jobs.

thats as far as you’re probably going to get.

Don’t you know? 80% of a project is coming up with ideas. Because that takes effort, you know, to take things from another game and write it down on a piece of paper and then call it “your idea”.


If you guys are actually not interested,please don’t bother posting here. And it’s not going to be DarkRP.

I’m curious, what are you contributing to the project?

His “ideas” with other peoples hard work.

First, he wanted a cider 2 server, then he wanted a HL2RP server, then he wanted a fallout roleplay server, now he wants a Skyrim RP?

I think his other communities failed so hard that he now wants a completely new one.

And to be true, wrong section for requests.

I just forgotten to update.And all my servers are still up Soret.Your just a troll. And my community is still not down yet.I only have 1 community.

I wouldn’t call that a community just yet. At least you’ve got 3 forum members!

Do you need some testers? Because I am up for that.

I recently changed the forum website because I bought that domain recently that’s why there are a few forum members and the server your showing right now was my Test Server

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Yeah we will need some testers,I’ll pm you the test date once its confirmed