Requesting some Modelling

Hello, i got 2 problems with a game im creating, its a zombie Horror Style game and im Lead Mapper/Leader of the mod, only having apart time Coder for it wich needs the 1) to complete his work. so well what i need is 1) i got a model of a Plant-Strunk a friend made for me long time ago… (im the owner of the model and all legal files like dae fbx mtl obj mdl etc…)) now i need someone to attach Hands and 2 basic animations (IDLE/USE) to it.

  1. iwould need someone to rigg animations of a simple soldier/grunt of that engine (easy) and then create a new model and simply attach them, thats probably easy but i ask becouse im looking for a specific HQ model but cant find any related forums on the intarwebz about modelling or modelling requests, and see no released model for it so i though id try here…

this is something im looking for exactly as 2) but for my engine ( so either self created/recreated or ripped of thats legal/allowed

if anyone wants to know more about the game pm


So you want a 3D model of the character in the link?

well theres 2 links, the first one is 3d but needs hands and 2 basicanims attached, the second one either remade or if legal ported to another engine.

do u have a zombie model because i am trying to create a game about zombies my self and i can seam to find a zombie model i just find RE zombie models BTW good luck with your game and rigging is like the second most Hard step of creating a game scripting is like the first but rigging is like wow dam but scripting is like WHY!!! do i have to do this. Shift+R improves the quality of this image. Shift+A improves the quality of all images on this page.



im poor, but willed to pay a small fee like 5$ just need this done for my coder to finish his part :s

“all legal files like dae fbx mtl obj mdl”

huh? im not a modeller so i dont understand what ur saying, but its the plain files of the model.

rofl = rolling on floor, laughing. However, I believe he was laughing at the fact that you claimed your content to be legal. I believe it’s the opposite… I could be wrong on both accounts, though.

no it’s that naming off those files is redundant, and “legal” doesn’t mean anything in that context. saying a friend made it for him is good enough information, it just sounds awkward and suspicious to stress legality. mainly though it was the awkward language: listing different model file formats when they all carry the same data.

thanks, i dont even get thefutt, the strunk is asimple model probably taking 5min to make some friend made for mei was just using “legal” so noone thinks hes doing anything bad since im the owner

and yep still looking… both probably 10min work

up… still looking :))

up… 5min work :stuck_out_tongue:

Have you tried learning to do it yourself, if it’s so easy, I don’t see why you couldn’t at least try first.

im a mapper and im already learning to code, impossible to do 3 thing at the same time, someone told me its easy to do so i was hoping to have some help for this :stuck_out_tongue:

You’re not winning anyone over by continuously bumping this thread. And no, it isn’t impossible, just difficult. I would recommend you attempt to learn, as it doesn’t appear anyone is interested.