Requesting some Ragdolls of Halo: Reach's Noble Team

Yeah, I need some ragdolls of Noble Team from Halo: Reach for Garry’s Mod.
I’ll pay anyone a Rimmed Raincatcher and 3 dueling minigames in TF2 for your efforts if you make the whole team!
Thanks a bunch!

Reference below.
I’m not using Image Tags because that’d just blow up the page.

Noble 1: Carter

Noble 2: Kat

Noble 3: Jun

Noble 4: Emile

Noble 5: Jorge

Noble 6

The Whole Team

Weapons are not necessary, but would be appreciated of.
NPCs aren’t necessary, either, but they would be even MORE appreciated of.

Also, keep in mind that Spartans, which the team is comprised of, are about 6-7 feet tall, so make them slightly taller than human ragdolls.

They’re not to scale and there are no females, but they have plenty (not all) of bodygroups to customize their armor and can be colored using the color STool.


Herp. Thanks.