Requesting Somebody to Hex.

Some Of You Know, My name on Steam iS Billy215/Sgt.Pancakes [UK] -Bill [SDK]

I have recently been into skinning, but i have had some issues hexing the models, If you are interested in hexing please add me - Billy215, But The Following Requirements Must be Met: You must: Know how to hex, and have Day Of Defeat: Source, Thanks for reading, heres some of my work:
Please Note That I Should Not Be banned for no images or anything, The Images are contained in the links.

By the way, if this is not enough info will an admin please tell me rather than ban me, so that i know what i should add, I dont use forums much, so im not sure if this meets requirements, (YES I READ THE REQUIREMENT THREAD)

I’ll do it for $5

Re-request this in the requests subforum.

Ok :p, Sorry diddnt see any forum, gonna look for it now
Even tho Jaanus Said i could post (i think) coz he said thats what this thread is for.

I said you could post it in the requests section, which you didn’t. Next time you should actually try looking for it. It’s not hard.

It is isnt it? Models/Skins/Requests (thats what comes up for me)

Can an admin close this thread? its become Drop dead ^.^

Why did you bump it instead of letting it die by itself?

i can do but this require a lot of time…i will do…

Have you tried it yourself? I did my best to hex my skin, and when I got stuck, I posted my problem, and I figured it out.
Here’s the tutorial:
Trust me when I say it’s the same basic principle, even if the tutorial is for sweps. To rig the texture to the skin, scroll down to the bottom of the model and change the texture names. BE SURE THEY’RE DIFFERENT!!! Hope this helps.

Noooo i’m bored i will do that…

Okay. Suit yourself.

I can’t… i don’t have DoD:s.

Oh god i did it!! i easy i only use Jason Hexed pack of plastic soldier ehehe

Heh nice 1 :stuck_out_tongue:

i upload

Ok Thanks man.


Awesome. Ty For Doing That. How much % of the credits u want? after all, u hexed them :slight_smile:

do you this…and…there is 2 Hexed Bonus Squad inside the pack…