Requesting SSBM models, Ganondorf, Zelda, Sheik & Young Link

I’ve been searching the internet for 8 months and still only found a few of them, unfortunatley theyre all for Gmod, while I need them in 3DS or similar format. Preferably rigged! That would save me a lot of time. Fingers, the face, even the hair. That would be super.
Yes I’m aware there are TP models out there, but they are not the ones I’m looking for.

My computer isnt strong enough to rip through an emulator so I thought I’d try requesting them instead.

What am I going to use them for?
I’m currently working on a short Zelda sequence taking place in OOT. My first “episode” is about Impa taking flight with Zelda on horseback and when Link first encounters Ganondorf. As a Zelda fan I’ve imagined the scenario many times, and I’ve finally decided to express it through my hobby, animation. Unfortunatley I can’t finish it until I have them all.
So, any help finding these elusive models will be greatly appreciated. I will of course include your name in the end credits if you should be able to help me, since you would pretty much be saving the whole project.
The result will be up on youtube.

If I were you, i would PM Luigimario, he may be able to help.

Do you know where the Princess Zelda Super Smash Bros Melee gmod model is? I have also seen it before but dunno where to download it.

I’ve seen it in the background of other modelpacks. Don’t think shes got her own file though.
And if she does, its probably well hidden in some msn account.

There’s the one from Twilight Princess, which is similar to that of Brawl. But I don’t think the one from Brawl has been yet. I could be wrong though…

the thing is, he wants the classic zelda.

:confused: Thread title hints he wants the Brawl version, which is pretty much the Twilight Princess version…

It saids SSBM, you are mistaking with SSBB.

Last i checked Melee and Brawl have the same graphics, its just that Brawl is more Hi-Res.

…Hahaha, d’oh. My bad. My brain must’ve just replaced that M with another B. Brawl makes Melee obsolete :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m talking about the looks.

It’s alright hehe
Done that mistake myself many times.

Anyhow, to show you a bit of my project here I was thinking I’d post a few pictures of some of my work.


Now, these are not completed yet. I’m still working on the heads. But it should give you a hint to what the result will look like.
I could create the requested models myself, but the real ones would be much much better.

This is “Aveil”. I’m sure you all remember her.


The gatekeeper who likes to clap her hands.


And of course, Impa.

I tried it. No response I’m afraid. - Young Link - Melee Zelda and Sheik (Zelda under Legend of Zelda and Sheik under Super Smash Bros Melee)

Don’t think i’ve ever seen a Melee Gannondorf. To get them in 3ds format decompile them to get the reference smd and import it into 3dmax (as i’m assuming thats what your using wih 3ds).

Edit: I’m the one to ask about Nintendo models as i have a very extensive list of where to find them ^^ also ask Vert092 as he helped me update said list :stuck_out_tongue: (Vert might also be able to help you get that Gannondorf as he seems to have got hold of other melee models like Roy).

Thank you very much sir =) You’ve earned a place in the end credits.

They seem to work perfectly. But the Zelda model seems to be the one from TP. And judging by the names it doesnt look like the Linkpack includes Y-Link from SSBM, but the lowpoly from N64. Or perhaps I’m mistaken?

np :slight_smile: Yea they probberly are I have no idea, I can only tell from the information they give on where they got them but I thought they might be close enough that they might be useful to you ^^

Hm, nope. Turns out nothing works, at all. It’s impossible to get it into any 3D program.
Not sure how you guys do it or what program is the easiest to use for this. Can’t even open it with Deep Exploration.

the impa model reminds me of major kusanagi from ghost in the shell, at least in the attire

You tried decompiling them?

I look forward to seeing the models heads, keep up the good work