Requesting/suggesting cpuple of BO chars.

So yeah, there isn’t much to explain, as title explains.
It would be splendid if someone got to rip 2 BO chars, and while BO may be not the most accurate game(in terms of weapons used in that time line, etc.), it still has models that haven’t been done before, or are more high-quality, especially BO models. Also, it would be useful for posers, etc.
And now to the point, here are pics:

The one with gasmask, please.
Also, if you don’t mind, could someone rip HS-10(and/or PM63(dedault and dual wield)) from the game too?
P.S. I posted URLs, 'cause it(image) doesn’t have bb code, and besides, it won’t be a page stretcher that way.

Thanks in advance, and good luck.

EDIT: I made typo in the thread title.
Pardon me.

This has been asked so many times.
It cant be done because there are no modding tools for it.

Oh well.
But guns ARE exportable, as I’ve seen quite a few guns made on
As a follow-up, why can’t characters be ripped if guns can be?

I heard its possible to do, but the models end up looking like COMPLETE shit.

I see.
Well then, I hope that at least guns will be ripped by someone else.