*Requesting team of mappers and texture artists* More info in post

Hello I would like to start a map project on a school but I can’t do it by my self… this is a real school so I would like it to be as accurate as possible.

What will be needed in the map…
lunch room
and other stuff in schools =P

I will post more depending on the popularity on the project to see if It’s worth following though till the end

also later I might want to turn this into a ctf on two schools

Thank you for taking your time and subscribe if your interested in the project

I might try and contribute a small piece. Is there a floor plan or images using as the template?

Hi im new i will be directing projeckt 4 maps nned ppl who cna map and teckture.

Hey guys, I’m the ideas guy and I want mappers, coders, modellers and texture artists to make this map for me. I totally don’t know how to do anything, but I will micromanage you and take all of the credit for being the ideas guy because like it was my idea.

Sorry, but we aren’t your personal mapper slaves. Might want to find some brainless 12 year olds on FPSbanana, they might work, though what you end up with will be a mystery.

Step 1: Download Source SDK
Step 2: Find plans of school
Step 3: learn to make the map yourself…teams of mappers for such a small project are not needed.

What happens if the project isn’t popular? Would my hard work go to waste?

i ned poepl to maek map 4me, i wil b tha ideas guy you do the wokr ok?

learn to map for yourself. this is a small project. and even if you did get a team, you would need to either show that you have a very good idea, or actual have some skill yourself.

I’ve never seen a decent school map. It’s too big a project and hardly ever plays properly. You’ll get tired of the empty rooms filled with identical props. I recommend starting with the room that inspired you to start this project. See how that plays out, add the corridors around it and play about with it until it’s balanced to play.

You’ll be the only one to benefit from the novelty of playing a map that you know from real life. For every one else playing, it’ll just be a generic, empty load of buildings.

Do you have blueprints? They should be public access, just check your local municipal building, they usually have blueprints for stuff.

I asked the McDonalds where I worked for blueprints for a map I was going to make of the place and they said that there may be some legal complications. They advised me against making a map of McDonalds. No, not because I’m a ‘bad mapper’, but because it would have been so realistic and detailed that people could use it to plan terrorist attacks on the building! It’s a fair concern.

Tell them its for a school project.

no no i will continue the project and the images and blueprints will be made soon I am still geting the pictures

Did you hear about the kid who got arrested for making a map of his school?

this, it doesn’t matter how realistic it is, as long as you have the basic layout it could still be a legal issue, my school’s dean of school life told me there may possibly be legal complications if there were any violence involved.

Moral of this story: HOLY FUCK HE’S GOT A GUN! No wait, it’s just a pipe…

(Free heart to whoever gets the reference)

good idea thx I am starting with that room and that’s the lobby I plan on making this a long term project


well I also plan on making it so the school cant tell its there school and the name of the school shall not be revealed

as long as the floor plans are similar enough to simulate some sort of a shootup or other terror-related activities, you could get int trouble with the law. I’ve been through this before.

It could just be a very blocky 32-grid snapped standard brick texture map, it’s still considered accurate enough.

So what he wants is people to does his work for him and he sits around and takes credit, Then most likely says its his own when he takes it to school and get a A+?

I think i love you forever

He has never said it was for a school project. Stop misinterpreting what he says to try and start an argument. To me he’s just some one who likes the idea of making his school into a map. Most people want to do this at some point, there’s no need to attack him for it.

It’s rather common… http://www.garrysmod.org/downloads/?tag=school