Requesting texture artist

So I’m making an old castle map and I need a bunch of textures for it.
At the moment I can only pay 3 euros because there are some issues with my credit card. All I can really offer is mentioning the artist in the credits section of the addon and inside the map itself.
The texture should be a swampy eninvoriment mainly containing hills and trees. It should have a very slight cartoony look to it, if that is possible. It would be used in the background. The map also plays at night so if the texture would be like that, that would be great.
Multiple textures should be great for the backdrop, but I’m okay with one aswell.
That’s about it.

PS: I don’t know if this is the right thread to post this, but please notify me if it isn’t.

EDIT: So I’ve made a sketch thingy:

There should be more trees.

EDIT AGAIN: I can also offer early access to the map if you want to.

Here’s a picture of the castle so you know I actually have a map:

Sorry sir, could you explain the picture?

I’ve edited it, I hope this helps a bit.

I don’t think you should expect any one to do this for free. Especially something of this size.

Modelers, Mappers, and Texture Artists usually only do smaller requests for free. What you’re asking for is the equivalent of a complete map for free to a texture artist.

I can only pay 3 euros at the moment, because that’s what’s left on my steam wallet, but I will update the post when the issues with my card are fixed.