Requesting Theater Gamemode

Gamemode Done
Thanks Rex186

How many gamemodes are you requesting?

Well 2,used to be 3 but I think I’m dropping Skyrim.Hunger Games is now in progress of making.


You’re not gonna get anyone.

Don’t be too sure of yourself.

Add me on skype pogoman1113

any capable scripter generally would’ve taken you up on this now, theaters are pretty easy to make and there’s already a leaked one on

Please,dramaunlimited are full of broken shitty gamemodes.And I also don’t want to be sued for using other server’s gamemode.

What’s a theatre gamemode ?

It’s like a cinema for Garry’s Mod where you and your friends can either rent a room or go to a theater to watch videos or movies

Why don’t you come up with an original gamemode?

That would be too smart.

Agreed ^ lol

lol, why would anyone sue you over a shitty lua script?


wow with all the coders you have why don’t you make something that no one here has ever done? Blow our minds with something, don’t just make original gamemodes.