Requesting XJ-9 model

Hello, men! I need XJ-9 model for making a Garry’s Mod comics/machinima. Help plz!

The only thing that pops up in my head when you say XJ-9 is that bounty hunter robot from Star Wars XD, but I think that had a different name so… Anyway, Picture or REALLY good description please.

Is that the robot from that old Nickelodeon show?


Hey! You not forget about my model?

Pictures please ^^

I’ve seen the show but I never really got into it but here are some pics for references.

Looks good, yes? This more goodly looks as Garry’s Mod character/

Did you sign up just to request this?
Anyway, I don’t see this happening, unless someone’s doing it and hasn’t said anything about it.

Sorry, i really need this model. Help me, plz!

I said my friend to give me XJ-9 model. Your help no more needed!