E2 that says GUNS with holo grams, about 2 feet above the e2 chip, spins, and makes my player say “/advert XPROS GUN SHOP RIGHT NEXT TO SPAWN!” every 60 seconds. If you are doing this please reply and tell me when i can expect it

english please

its kinda obvious…

it lacks sense


also nice thread title

Then leave

I’ve considered it, and no. You’ve made no visible effort to create it, and haven’t even looked around for Divran’s E2 thread, thus I have decided not to help you on this.

Umm hellooooo ive posted at least twice on Divrans thread. And i can make holos but i dont know how to make it so they spell stuff out using positions and i know the code to make my player talk every 60 seconds i just dont know how to combine the two

So you need help with your gunshop in some shitty DarkDM server?


I’m on Divran’s thread a lot.
To make text, you need to position many holograms.

Yes i know, but i dont know vectors and all