Requestng Alex Mercer from Prototype

My request is for Alex Mercer from Prototype to be made a model. I know there were many threads on this years ago, but they were never finished.

His Claw Form model would be all I need.

It would be better if you’ve played the game to get a reference of him. There are no real good pictures that show his whole body and face well.

My eternal thanks to anyone who can do this.

[sp]And possibly a blowjob if we can work things out[/sp]

I think someone is working on one already

but how can you give blowjobs ol’ slendy, you have no face!

I can always cut myself a mouth with my claws. Done it when I twas seven years old.

It healed back, and I still have the scar.

Someone is working on one already and it shouldn’t be too long now until release.

Excellent. Then I can just wait until.

Thank you.

Better give him a blowjob.

does anyone know when the player model is being released and if it already has can someone plz give me the link.