RequestP: Supervillain base map

So, I’ve been thinking of making a supervillain lair map, yes, I know about GM_Lair, but I mean something different.

I’m thinking of making a WHOLE supervillain base for one thing.

Barracks: Living area for minions, complete with armoury, beds, and training area.
Control Room: Every evil genius needs a room from which to command his/her minions, preferably with a big monitor screen.
Laboratory: For superweapon research.
Rocket silo: Because Freakrules already did the doom laser.
Infirmary: Because minions who survive an encounter with enemy could potentially become your new 2nd in command, or it piss off the union your minions have to not have one.
Staff room: For scientists and guards alike to relax in, comes with a bar.
Generator room: What do you think?
Recording studio: Possibly with a view into the rocket silo.
Inner Sanctum: Because even an evil genius needs a place to relax every now and then, preferably one with lots of fancy, expensive things that will look cool when destroyed as those pesky secret agents break in and try to kill them.
Possibly a torture chamber to finish off.

Why, I figure people could use much more for posing and SFM. Want to make a series about henchmen working under an evil genius? Or show the hero breaking in, disguising as a guard and sabotaging a power generator? Or just want some build up before the final confrontation between James Spy and Doctor Medic? This would be the map for you.

So, I want to hear any suggestions anyone has before I start drawing up a map. Also, I’ll probably set it in and on a mountain.

Alright, so I guess I have everything, should I go a TF2 artstyle or a more realistic one like with GM_Lair?

No lair is complete without a doom laser!

Also, what kind or environment do you have in mind?

I was thinking something that wouldn’t look out of place in a James Bond movie, similar but different to your GM_Lair, thus why I chose a rocket instead of a laser, and I would rather not have it in a volcano, I’m also much more focused on the inside than out, and I’m not sure if I want to have the outside visible from inside, or to just have the location left up to the interpretation of whoever’s using the map, I’m also not sure if I go for a more realistic look or TF2 artstyle.

Other than that, just something that basically takes the supervillain lair idea behind GM_Lair and expands on it, I guess you could say a spiritual sequel, although with you I guess we could call it an actual sequel.

I was originally planning on making a base that’s an opposition to gm_Lair.
I planned making a big base on (or inside?) the top of a high mountain, with hangars, antennas and stuff.
I think I still have a basic construct of the project somewhere.
I might do it after my current project, since building bases is always fun…


I remember playing TTT on a Counter Strike: Source map similar to what you want.

Oh here it is…


Mine’s more made with machinima/posing in mind. Which is why it includes so much.

Haha, another EG map pursuer!

This may interest you:

I have yet to use it for anything, but I noticed you used all the names of the room types from Evil Genius. I have a few textures as well - got stumped for a ceiling though. I might pop some more content in here.

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This is a pretty old version, I have one that uses reflective textures for the shiny bits, and most of the texture have been touched up.

Nice, it certainly could make for a good entrance. I could use it as an entrance for the rocket silo.

Well, there’s this.

Which has a rocket silo, and a giant laser.

I could help with the staff room. Small rooms are my specialty.

I know, I got the idea for this map from GM_Lair.

Thanks, I’m currently making a map in Minecraft.

I might also ask you for help designing another map I could use (ancient castle used by Illuminati-like organization, has a secret base underneath, but more magic/conspiracy themed, smaller, and lacking a lot of areas in this map, barracks, generator room, infirmary, and staff room, the castle presented as the owner’s home, would be the “inner sanctum”, there would also be a magic training/ritual room).

Ive technically already made sort of a villian meeting room before but its for SFM

Well if you want to help you already have experience.