Requests A Lua Coder for my Server


The coder must be 13 or older while the owner is 12 …

Nice logic you got there.

Also no-one codes for power or donations.

You’re asking for an entire role-play gamemode, and you’re not even paying.

  1. 75% of facepunch agrees that roleplay is not worth scripting.
  2. Most people pay in the range of 50 to 200 dollars for an entire gamemdode (here’s looking at you, conn)
    3)You’re an ideas guy who can’t do shit for himself, doesn’t pay, and takes the credit. GTFO.
  3. Your balls have to drop before anyone here will take you even remotely seriously.
  4. Learn2grammar.

I lol’d, protip: Start reading :smiley:

I Know but i am sharing the Donation Money Cuz got a little problem right now…

and what if nobody wants to donate money to you?

Massive irony.

Mummy has spent her money on clothes?


Fixed, and my points remain valid.

I am busy coding a game-mode for my self, also just to teach my self how it works… But I see your point of view, but I don’t think that you are posting this in the correct place. Mostly because as you see no one here will agree to help you.

I know but can you help me ?

I thought Knoxed told you to read up boy.

I would check out the lua pil and try to make some small projects yourself and when you have questions then just post it in the Questions subforum.