Requests for Sweps.

hai,its Mrheadhopper with requests for sweps,
you’ll be sayin’ “wawuwh soo many requests” everytime you see this page.
its like santa’s list for presents,its like random requests for sweps that maybe you shuold enjoy.

^stupid intro

Well,as im new,i wanna requests simple weapons.
Sorry for bad english,im from Argentina.
Simple,i want this magnum model:

with ironsights,and maybe using CSE base cause its the only base i got 4 now atm.
Or maybe twich’s base! yay!!
DO NOT MAKE WORLD MODELS.(it bothers me,snif.)

And this skin too,

with granade launcher,ironsights that zoom in a good amount,
and a toggleable silencer.
Thats it for now,please,i beg u make those cause i want em so vaaaad.
(include custom sounds if they dont include already plz,or ill add them mysefl)

Well there’s a revolver exactly like that in the saw weapons pack, sorry but I don’t know where it is now.

could u make a single swep of that cause it weigs 20000000000000 mb and i dislike