Requests for things such as Courage the Cowardly dog's Robot Randy

As the title says, i would like it if someone made Robot Randy
I’m not good at stuff so i wouldn’t really know but it seems easy enough since he’s all geometric and such

also i wish someone would rip Ness and lucas from Brawl and hopefully other Earthbound stuff

another thing is Big the Cat from SADX or the other E series robots

and lastly original megaman and maybe some enemies and protoman (basically same model as megaman)

super sorry for so many requests and junk and i fully understand how unrealistic it may be for any of this stuff and don’t particularly expect to see any results in the near future so i mean if you do take up any or all of the above projects you have my wholehearted support and praise

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Also, sorry i know this is going to be pushing it and all, but i really want to use venture brothers stuff, maybe helper or henchmen 21 and 24

I only can told you, that you can expect for have this models, one by one, not all at the same time. I don´t think that the same modeler will do that models at once, you will have to wait at all. Also, nice request. Courage…long time ago, when i was a child…memories…

the show is still on on the channel cartoon network
i wiki’d it

I don’t think you’re supposed to make one thread for a bunch of different models you want.

granted, so do you want me to like make separate threads in addition to this master one?

I’m relatively new to Facepunch so I wouldn’t know. Sorry, that’s why I said that I THINK that you’re not supposed to. I’d recommend putting some time between each thread. Get each request done (or forgotten) one at a time, not a bunch of threads at once.

well i appreciate your suggestion, im going to make individual threads but leave this one also

I don’t think you need to make individual threads. If you have multiple requests it’s best to keep them in one thread instead of filling up the requests section.

that’s what i thought initially but i did go ahead and make a separate robot randy thread, over time i might go as far as to make individual threads but i will take your advice and hope for the best