Requiem æternam

And more win was brought to the forum.
Nicely done.

Haha, I was eyeing up that model as well, too bad I’m useless. I can’t tell, is that face actually part of the model or did you hack that in? Really like the second one, the black fabric looks awesome. The lighting in both is excuisite, what map?

Oh, and also, the posing in the first one looks a little odd at that angle, something weird about the chest.

It’s a custom hack, so it’s now technically part of the model too. :v:
The map is from Dark Messiah’s multiplayer. The link for the materials necessary has been dead for years, so unless you own Dark Messiah, you’re out of luck.

But that’s okay, I used the flashlight, bloom, and color mod (and Photoshop…) for the lighting anyway. These were taken in areas that were originally in full shadow.

And I think you may be right, her entire torso does seem a bit puffed out at that angle.

Sweet. That’s also probably the coolest model hack I’ve seen.

do want this epic model.

wow, nice! what map is this? or is it
a scenebuild? and that model looks
damn hot!

It’s MaM_Crusade_4_NelshamsScar, from the link I posted up above.

Very cool.


Squiddy what is this model?

It’s a custom hack that I haven’t released yet. Chill. xD
She’s going to become an alternate to my personal skin, I’ll add a link to this thread once she’s all finished up.

Oh dear god. When I saw Apocalyptica, I almost pissed knowing this would be a good screenshot.

I had no idea

Right, forgot to update. Here’s a link to the model: