Requiem sword from Soul Calibur Legends

Hey there, fellow Facepunchers. I’ve got a pretty basic request here, so I’ll just get straight to it. I’m looking to obtain the model and textures for the Requiem sword that is used in Soul Calibur Legends. Unfortunately, I don’t have a copy of the game to work with. I’m just going to be making a prop out of it, but I will take care of the work on my own for that. All I require is the model and the textures.

Here’s a reference pic (which unfortunately is the only one I can find that actually shows the sword):

I would greatly appreciate any assistance given.

I dunno if this is any helpful, but the Player 1 version of Requiem is available in the SC4 weapon pack.

I personally prefer the Player 2 version of Requiem (which is what was used in Soul Calibur Legends). The Player 1 version is okay, but I’d like to have the Player 2 version to go with it if possible.

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