Require $X Ping To Join

In a nutshell:

Theres a Korean streamer on central 4. This brings in a LOT of players from that region.

The major issue here is that the players pings are so high that they basically skip around and are playing on a whole different level. Due to the high pings they can skip around (what seems to be lag for us) and on their end not be lagging. We have had several scenarios of groups fully armored and armed get defeated or escape by naked or cloths with low to mid tier weapon

Not requiring a certain ping (response to and from the originating source) contributes to unfair game play. Asia/Pacific while should not be restricted entirely should perhaps be sent to west coast servers if any, or join eastern or central servers i they meet a required ping. I am not sure what type of logic is required but the game is not suited to handle this scenario if requiring a certain ping is out of the question.

PS: All of the people who grief and belittle them for joining a US server has issues. I see nothing but rude, racist things in chat toward them. This is not a skill issue or any other issue less a network problem.

This sounds like a single server issue, to be honest, but I would want a command like this, I will be getting into hosting sometime in the distant future, and this would prove very useful for smooth gameplay for all.

definitely should be implemented…

not just for foreign players (as from server perspective) but every player can “make” their ping high… lot’s of players have big pings, or uneven pings because they downloading stuff while playing, have mobile phone on same network etc… 100 ping should be maximum allowed for every fps game… because more players with too high ping means “whole server” is fkd because of them…

so i agree 100% on this subject…

how many times comes a guy with hatchet and start to troll around you, trying to hit you and you cannot get few shots in him because he just skipping around and bashing that hatchet… all because to high ping…

The average ping for them is likely about about 350 from the home to a central server.

Most people here on a central server is probably in the 30-70 range.

Having central 4 with about 75 (conservative estimate) players from KR is NOT enjoyable experience. They literally are above and beyond a very generous handicap. I watch them everyday completely annihilate and it causes people to suspect cheat etc.

Most players from central 4 are moving to 5 for this reason. A KR just due to the latency is able to take down multiple armed players with a rock.