Required mapper(s) - Operation Metro

I’m looking for a mapper who knows how to make a decent-looking map with good lighting. It’s important because without it, map will look like a crap.
What I exactly need is a proper Battlefield map for Machinima purpose (although It can be as well for other Games such as CS:GO , Insurgency and other Games).

Currently I have only one Mapper. He basically made a lot of progress on his map (Operation Metro) but he is not capable to finish everything on his own.
This is where I need you. I’m going to create a small crew of few mappers to help him and his work see the day light.

I’m willing to pay a fine price (negotiable) to finish Operation Metro map.

Here are some pictures from mapper [3M]MixMakMax

(Whole album)

What It needs:

  • Better Textures
  • Proper Lighting
  • Decals
  • Custom models (trash, garbage , bricks… It would be nice to see that)

Interested? Please add me directly on Steam for job.
Please leave a message BEFORE you add me. Thank you

Loos cool! Keep up the good work i like it.

Hope you find more people who help you and your friend.

Hmm, I could do the lighting for you, my brushwork is ok, but needs a little bit of work, and I’m no modeller/texture artist.

Contact this dude?

He decided to team up with the map but he cannot invest much time to it since he has a job

Pic made by [3M]MixMakMax

This is how it looks right now in-game (Insurgency).

bump. We still need your help guys.