Requirements for a HL2RP map?

What is needed for a HL2RP map? I am wondering if I need anything my self for the doors or spawns and such.

Originality. I can’t stress this enough. Nobody wants to download or play that city that’s almost exactly the same as every other city map. Make yours original, give it something to stand out.

Well of course, that is a giving, but I mean more on the technical side.

As TCB said. Originality. That can be used in the technical sense as well as the looks. Think about using multiple layers, power systems, random events, reason to explore, multiple entrances beyond the obvious into buildings. A bank vault could be accessed in multiple ways, not just through the front door. For examples, in bugs, criminals used a network of bunkers to overwhelm the security systems in a diamond storage so they could steal from it, in the italian job, they created a massive gridlock and had that brilliant mini chase, in fast and the furious 4 they pulled the bank safe out of the wall.

Make the map feel special.

I realize, I mean what does it NEED.

Like literally, NEED, not what makes it good, but the base things it needs. Things like how to make spawns or MPF only doors.

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Just want to add that I value all the advise and will most likely ask for what you have given me later, but right now I just want to know the technicals.

It NEEDS these things otherwise nobody will play it. At all.

You mean spawns for specific factions or for items in dispensers and stuff? The latter is easy enough, not sure about the players though, never experimented with team-based gamemodes.

I. Do. Not. Care.

I want to know things like spawns, doors and all that, I do not care if nobody plays it, that is not my goal in this god damned thread.

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Yes, please, things like that.

You clearly don’t want your map to be any good, then.

My god you are thick. Did you even read what I wrote?


Right now I just want to know how to make the fucking thing work for an RP first.

Good luck on getting help.

let me hurt you…

Alright, if you’re making a Hl2RP map, the general things that are needed from a technical point are MPF doors. Most scripts make it so MPF can open doors that have the “+use opens” disabled. It makes it so citizens can’t open doors, and MPF can. So for doors that you don’t want citizens to open, make those doors “+use open” disabled.

Spawns are usually set via script, so you don’t need to worry about spawns.

Again, from another technical point, you should make sure not to fill your map up with too much stuff.

I’ll assume you’re designing this for an OA Hl2RP server. OA is pretty resource heavy, and often slows to a chug with over 30 people on. Look at the most popular maps, C18 and C45. City 18 is small and crowded, and City 45 is big and empty. The best thing to do is reach a medium point between that. Don’t make it too small or too big. Don’t make it too empty or too full. Things like that.

Holy Christ, thank you so much for actually answering some of my questions.

are you the new dr. salvador?

Was Dr. Salvador a sexy beast?

If he was, than no I am not.

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Just read about it.

I do not retex others maps and I do not see my self as good, as I said before, I value all of your advice because I know you are better than me at mapping in every single way I can imagine. I have been mapping for a while, I am not that good at it, at least not yet and I am fine with that. Please do not jump to conclusions about some one just because they want to know how to make a map, not how to make it good.

When some one asks you how to use a fishing rod to fish, you do not teach them how to cook the fish, you teach them how to use the god damned rod so they can get the fish to start.

i was jumping to conclusions because of your attitude.

sorry for the misunderstanding, hoss.