Requirements for modeling

I am unsure how to create custom skins for gmod. Can anyone help me? I heard photoshop is a key feature to the process…is there any way else to do so? I do not have photoshop handy.

Modeling, you need Blender.
Textures, you need Photoshop or Gimp.
You need to know data values for textures.
You need patience for modeling.
You need time.
You need skill.

wow…is there any cheap way to do it? lol

Blender and Gimp are free, just look them up. But in terms of effort and time, you’ll need a good 2 months of practice and learning from tutorials before you can make anything worthy of being uploaded.

An easy way to reskin something is to download a program called “VTFEdit” (free) and open the VTF texture file, export it to a normal picture format (JPG, BMP, PNG), edit it, then convert it back to a VTF

For modelling I use:

3ds max.
hammer editor (propper)



Thanks to those my medieval models are spread across pages 1 2 and 3 normally on the toybox with over 400,000 downloads. (and nearly 3 years modelling practise )

link? and is it safe?

VTFEdit is perfectly safe and kinda required for modelling for those custom textures.

Get it here:

I advise you find a video on youtube on how to use it as I don’t know if you will get it first time.

For modeling I use the industrial drafting program SolidWorks. I then export to blender or max, where I drop the level of detail, unwrap the UV, and export to gmod.