requirements of the game W.T.F?

hello today am buy game rust .Its good game .But requirements of the game its so hight .Dayz lower requirements .Dayz ist big map 5 x rust .Rust 9 fps dayz 20 fps … ok ok my english its no good am sorry .But am not play the rust becose resolution 640x480 800x600 inventory is f… BIG no imposible play . Please do something about it…

Get a better PC then…?

640x480 is what… 50 years ago?

With it being Alpha im wondering how optimised it is and much it will improve.

You may be able to squeeze out a few more fps by disabling grass in the console, press F1 and type ‘grass.on false’ (without the quote marks).

It’s time for a new computer, stiv88.

Rust is also an alpha, so it’s not that optimized. It will run slower than normal because it isn’t finished. But it’s time for a new computer. That’s the single best thing to do.