[RERP] Resident Evil Serious Roleplay


Hello facepunch, I’m Simon and I am the head admin of RERP or Resident Evil RP. We are a fairly new community. Our scripter ,only scripter,is editing taco script to our needs for RERP. Head to the web site to check out the story behind the rp.

Any questions or comments send me a SF request and we can talk.

SF name: Hunk or [RERP]MCSimon or [RERP]SimonOHYEAH

As interesting as this sounds it lacks the required information.
Please take a look at the more popular threads in this subforum and learn from those. See what information you are not providing everyone with and add it to the thread.

Otherwise, looks good; I guess.

Kind of stole my idea didn’t you? I already have a RERP server up and have for several months… and I have been deving the script for almost a year. I want to talk to you about this on steam. You’re welcome to merge with my more mature script, but eh, a little competition is fun.