Rescue team find the missing crew...


Nothing special just playing with cs4.

And something extra just cause i feel like it.


That guy on the left is posed a little weird. He seems only mildly surprised that his teammates head just evaporated.

Yeah, i was gonna fix him, but his arms kept getting boneitis so i just left it in the end.

A whole page of pngs. My life is too fast-paced for this.


omg this is pretty nice!

love the predator vision!!1

The puke made me laugh :v:

Very Very nice pictures there, the predator heat vision is particularly impressive. Pallet’d.

That’s totally NOT inspired by Predator, is it?
Needs moar Schwarzenegger. :v:

Its the most fun to do :smiley:

ah man you just made me happy great work

Care to share how you did the heat vision :smiley: And the Hanged people, and the Alien pic…

I love them all :dance:


Heat vision was done with a bunch of gradient maps.
Took a while because i had to cut out each human. On the one thats zoomed in the furthest i had to crop out the helmet, his skin, his torso etc to make sure the heat made sense.
The vocal mimicry at the side was just a black box with red, drawn, mirrored and then blurred.

Hanged people are fallout 3 ghouls with a simple as hell texture change. With eyes and teeth (you probably cant see them) done in photoshop. The rope was drawn in. (rather badly)

Alien vision, same as the thermal.

Thanks for the feedback. :dance: