research a research kit

I thing you should be able to use a research kit on another research kit so you know how to make one, since research kits are one time use.

They still drop to often even.

I think that the research kit should either stay one use and not require paper, or be like 5 time use and require paper or something.


Are you seriously lacking paper?

No way.Its perfect as it is.The Drop Rate is high enough.I Play 1 hour and got 350 Paper and 59 Research Kit.So you see,its perfect.

No Satiris, I think JasonChange55 is talking more about the problem of having 500+ paper and no kit. I think thy are right if the kit is only one time use lets take the paper out of the equation all together or lower the drop rate/amount of paper as well.

I actually think the drop rate could be turned down a little while keeping the kit as single - use until more items are added into the game. It doesn’t take very long before you’ll have everything researched that you possibly can with the items you possess. That’s just my opinion.

research kits should have 5 times use and take up to 20 papers for each use

How bad do you have to be not to find kits and/or paper?

They drop too often. They are getting a nerf anyway so whatever you whine here has no meaning.