Research and bp overhaul next week?

*In Devblog 71 by Maurino
Next Week

There are some things that suck in Rust. I know. And I’m working on them. I introduced the HQM mechanic, and it has an effect on smaller groups of players. I think this is wildly overstated with most complaints, but I’m still taking some steps to mitigate this. Also the blueprint system is absolute garbage and so are radtowns. You shouldn’t have to jump through these bizarre hoops of running naked into radiation zones 9000 times to finally find a remotely decent blueprint. I know all this and I’m working to solve these problems. I did some work on these issues this week, but the changes just weren’t ready for the patch. Hopefully next week.

Does this mean we will get a bp whipe next week ?

i guess, hopefully it actually resolves the issue though because as they mentioned it is painful to get the bps you need