Research & Development Models

Download link here.

So this is a really small pack from HL2 mod: Research and Development(aka R&D)

You may need HL2:Ep2.

(Pics are taken in quality 90. sorry :O)

All credit goes to M.Bortolino(Mod Maker)

So now, Enjoy these models. Thanks.

oh god the cat, WTF?

Wtf roasted dog :frowning:

I like the fences and the microwaves, downloading :smiley:

Its a cat?

It’s a roasted cat.

He was burnt by laser beam thing.(In mod)

Mr. Whirly?

Where is that awesome cube thing that killed everything in the room.

What Bloocobalt said.

I want glowy cube from hell.

Sorry, but that cube isn’t included in models folder, but I think I found some clue in material folder.

I think it’s a skin of shadertest model so why don’t you try it? it’s in materials-shadertest folder.

And I’m trying to find that awesome bulletproof glass but I only found material folder.(It isn’t same as default file name so-)

PS. If you want Mr.Whirly skin for HL2 wagon, put [materials-models-props_vehicles] folder in garrysmod folder.(not addon)

Thank you.

This brings me back to when I used to play this…

I saw that happen to a mouse once… sparky, smokey, and very stinky! Loud too…