Research kit

How on gods green earth you use a research kit?!

Have paper and research kit in your inventory. Say you want to learn how to craft the pickaxe. With the paper and research kit in your inventory drag the research kit over the pickaxe, it would then take away one paper. You can now craft that item forever even if you die.

Can you use said research kit infinite times?

Kit yea, but use 1 paper everytime, as Tom said

As the question was already answered, I’ll just leave a tip.
Research paper first, because if you lose paper and you have it researched, you can easily make more paper by crafting it from 10 wood.

Does the research kit go away after you research or just the paper


also it will tell you in your chat if your research was successful

Try checking the wiki before asking a question as simple as this.

Or just ask ingame, most of the times i see a question, someone will answer.