Research Kits 101

Hello survivors, I’ve been noticing a lot of people asking about the research kit 1 or hot to craft gunpowder.

Research kit 1 - This item can be found by killing zambies, this is a rare drop and is probably a 10% drop (Guessimate)

How to use the Research Kit - 1.To use the research kit you must have in your inventory, 1 paper, one R.K. (Research Kit) and the item you what to learn how to craft ( In this case we’ll be learninghowto craft gunpowder)
2. You must then DRAG the research kit onto the item you want to learn the recipe for, If you’ve done correctly a message should come up saying you now can craft Gunpowder.
3. Now, you can use the gunpowder to make ammo for Shotguns,M4’s,mp4a5,and pistols. You can now use this to learn to craft leather armor, you can make leather by smelting cloth :3
(Note : The research kit is infinite, and as long as you have paper you can use it as much as you want)

Also note that paper should the first most thing you should learn how to craft, since it’s the main material for Research Kits.