Research Kits

I really don’t understand why you guys make research kits disappear after you use it, like you have just defeated the point of paper. Why would you not just make it so it can do 4 or 5 researches? Should probably change it.

To prevent people from getting all recipes that easy.

Really? You didn’t expect this?

Please just make them stack…

One use items should always stack. It’s ridiculous otherwise.

This is just a temp fix until “This” is working. Like you said its not a good fix, but thy more then likely want to see what guns are out and about with this change.

That’s it exactly. Thanks for the link too.

Can’t wait for all of those things to be completed :3

Just need to be able to stack research kits currently.

If by ‘ghosting’ they mean Desyncing and killing everyone etc, then that’s one issue I’m happy is a HIGH PRIORITY. That would be really nice to see fixed since I can’t play on any servers without that happening.

I’m fine with it. Being in the top groups on most servers, I end up getting bored since we can all be fully geared and have a nice sized base in the first few hours after a wipe. Starting new is the most fun to me and I think changing it this way, we will see more varied groups running around instead of 6 guys with full kev / M4’s dominating everywhere.

I’m looking forward to it.

That’s bullshit.
I got 10 spare research kits now.

They now fade upon use :slight_smile:

When I first used a research kit and found it still in my inventory I was pretty surprised.
I didn’t expect it to be a multi-use tool and genuinly thought it was a bug of some sorts.
It kind of defeats the purpose of searching for blue prints if you have a tool that acts as a blank blue print and has unlimited uses. :0

The new system which Trickcard posted about looks good. :slight_smile: