Research System

I think rust should do away with blueprint spawns (keep blueprints as craftable items).

Researching an item should take time at a research table and specimens of the item to study.
Also there should be a tech tree of some kind which allows players to study craftable items. There would be several branches of study, such as explosives and farming equipment (we also need farming in the game), etc.

Blueprints could still be a drop but they should be extremely rare.

I think that there should be so many potential paths of research that one player could never research it all. This would force specialization and create more need for community cooperation. There should still be plenty of low tier items that are useful for the lonewolf type player (more so even).

Also more items based off of the land (things like healing salves).

But the blueprints for a majority of the best items ARE rare. I’ve only seen a total of 2 gun blueprints and one of them I didn’t even personally find. Granted there are a few items that need some tweaking, but overall it seems fine.

What they really need to do is overhaul the tech system so that it’s less random. I really like the idea of learning to make higher tier items (from stone to low quality to high quality) through repetition. So for example, to learn the metal pickaxe you would have to craft x amount of stone pickaxes, or spend x amount of time crafting them. It would give people a reason to team up if the amount of items needed to tech up was great that it isn’t really practical to learn it all yourself (unless you play for a LONG time.)

Agree–“learning by doing” seems more organic than just eating a blueprint to consume its delicious knowledge. Working from the blueprint could accelerate learnnig, but the process of making the item should be the key to unlocking.

i still think certain things should be possible from scratch, and others require instructions(a blueprint) in your inventory while you try and craft them. i’m not convinced on the whole learning how to make an ak by memorising a blueprint.

They should add in more components to find ie. to research and craft an AK, you need to find a rifle barrel, stock, magazine and trigger components. These should not be found in barrels but radiated areas.

To research and craft a code lock you should need junk electronics, lock mechanism and battery.
Trash cans and wrecked cars should spawn this type of loot. Search these wrecked cars for parts to craft your own vehicles as well.

Highly contested areas should contain stuff like generator parts, explosives etc.

At the very least the BPs should be necessary to ensure quality (ie, max starting durability).

I agree with the idea to make the whole “tec-leveling” much less random. It would be far better and much more logical to have a tech-tree and a real research instead of the current “barrel-lottery”.

I’ve heard lots of different ideas and suggestions for improvements to the research system. I must say, I find myself agreeing with a lot of these ideas once they go through the Facepunch balance machine. I’ve never really liked the idea of learning something massive to instantly.

Hell, just the other day I was laughing at how silly it was that I learned how to make an oil refinery AND an oil pump simply from some paper I found in a barrel. I would be much more in favor of a system that focuses on slow progression in learning. I want to gradually work up the progress bar to learn something like an AK, not learn it instantly because I got lucky.

Revising the crafting system to make progression longer can only add to extended grindy feel.

Crafting in games never makes sense because it isn’t interesting or exciting, it’s a means to an end.

Adding a lengthy learning system doesn’t add anything unless you enjoy AFK crafting things to level up to AFK more base items until you can actually do something worth while.

The length doesn’t matter because there will be modded servers for less grind anyway, just like there is now. Facepunch wants to aim for the long game, like they should. Also, it very much seems people suggesting this idea DO like lengthy processes for things as strong as an AK. You’re assuming both that nobody likes things you don’t like, AND assuming the system would be some kind of AFK grind when there’s clearly been better ideas posted and discussed. Don’t just discount something because you can’t think about it optimistically.

Also, it might not be all about craft-grind. Using and repairing an item should (slowly, incrementally) help you get better at repairing and crafting it. That way learning is a familiarization process that happens ove rthe course of regular gameplay, punctuated by using the researcg table during downtime.

Playing on community servers is worse than playing with hackers.

Like in most threads we clearly dont share the same opinion If you want to sit inside a 1x2 outside a rad town and grind through 10 looted AK’s to learn the BP more power to you. But i would rather play the game.

Nothing with the words progression and crafting are the least bit interesting to me. I read it as, grind a bunch of crap out then you can play the game.

The progression is the game. Whats the point of a game without rewarding advancement?

Learning to craft things is the game?

Building a base, interacting with other players, killing one another, raiding, etc is the game

not grinding out blueprints