Reset a Dlistview

Is there any way i can reset a dlistview, removing all colums etc.

I have tried ListView.Columns = {}

But that did not go very well, i was hoping someone can point me in the right direction.

I more or so need this so i dont have to create multiple list views, i can instead just re-cycle one listview and repopulate it with new columns and data

Many thanks - Luke

Maybe try calling Clear()?

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That only seems to clear the lines, i was looking for something to remove the columns aswell, Thanks for your help though!

Remove the DListView, and create a new one?..

I would normally, however i will be displaying around 20 different tables of data, so i would have thought just resetting one listview and repopulating it would be a cleaner way of doing it.

If i have to then yes, i will make 20 different ones.

There are no methods to remove columns.