Reset all DarkRP names?

How would I go about resetting all the DarkRP names on my server, like for all the inactive people that decide to rejoin do not have the same names as before?

That’s something REALLY tricky…Anyway, you can’t know who is inactive or who doesn’t via any methods without creating a date system just when you’ve opened server

Alright, disregard the inactive part. How would I reset ALL names?

i think darkrp saves them in the sv.db and syncs them to the client on join.

Although this is on a SQL server, the format is still the same in the sv.db file.

To reset there rp name, you would have to reset there money as well

To access this data so you change it you’d have to download an SQLite browser though.

Hope this helps :smile:

What database do I edit?

The one that looks like that maybe

After doing this, names and ranks are kinda fucked.
When people join the server, some names will names will be reset to what they had like yesterday

Are you sure that you edited sv.db? Sounds like you didn’t

There is a command in darkrp. I would not touch the Database.
/freerpname <Name>

Yea, I removed all of the names and etc on the exact same database,the one like in the image the other guy sent.

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Everytime I take a look at the new DB, there is no names.