Reset Darkrp Money

How can I reset the money on DarkRP. better yet, how could I do it for just one person? Thanks!

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I was also wondering what the addon is called that turns props transparent when theyre being used with the physgun, so that one wouldnt be able to propsurf. Thanks.

for the money its somthing like

and the second thing is fpp (falcopropprotection)

It comes pre-installed with darkrp, for some reason my version doesn’t have the no prop surfing icon. I see it in the download at but im afraid they would conflict with eachother, any idea how i can fix this? thanks.

remove the sv.db

or type this in your console:


ty blown. Any idea what i can do about the falco prop problem? It comes pre-installed with darkrp already, but it doesn’t have the disallow prop surfing, when looking on I found the version that does but idk if I should install them both together. How can i fix this?

if FPP had it before you should not put it back because it may be removed for a good reason.

Is there an addon i could find where i could disable prop-surfing?

Turn on FPP.

it is, FPP doesnt have the disallow prop surfing under the physgun section for some reason. Also 2 new problems have surfaced X|. Props and entites are now falling through the ground, this is a new problem that has not happened before. The other problem is that i can only physgun a prop once, meaning once i move a prop, i cant move it again. Sorry for the mingeyness in these questions.

FPP disallows prop surfing.

Ohh i guess we got mixed up, i was meaning where the prop turns transparent when you click it with the physgun