hi i would like to say that i can not remember what addon i used but some how my ak47 v model as changed and i can not revert it. the bug i have with it is it is left handed view, army texture hands and the zoom doesnt work. i have uninstalled all my addons and it hasnt helped, this bug for the model has become my default ak47 model: v_rif_ak47 and deleting it doesnt work. i need help screen shots might help

Unmount Insurgency mod.

Also, don’t type in all caps, don’t spam letters, and try to use decent grammar; otherwise you’re not going to be here for long because people here don’t like that sort of thing at all.

Just trying to be helpful, not rude.

ok that didnt wokr so i deleted in models/weapons all v_rif_ak47 files and re mounted css and ak47 model works but when if fires errors come out like shell ejection