Reset map, throw props and ragdolls getting stuck

Three questions which hopefully haven’t got asked before:

  1. “Clean up everything” resets the map. Is there another way to do that? Mainly it’s because of the breakable windows in a map which is protected from decompiling. I don’t want to delete my whole setup for a scene of my machinima or load a save everytime just to make the windows reappear. I tried the advance duplicator but the duplicated windows will be a func_breakable not a func_breakable_surf.

  2. What’s the best way to throw a prop in a machinima? You should be able to see a ragdoll throw it.

  3. Does anyone know what causes ragdolls to getting stuck sometimes? If you move them then they will behave normal for a second or two then the ragdoll freezes until you move it again. A workaround is to make it a statue and than revert it back to a ragdoll but I’d like to know what causes it.

Thanks in advance!