Reset Please due to the duping problem.

I think the servers need to be reset. I mean I know it sucks to restart completely with making things all over again but we need it really bad. I was traveling around US East Coast 3 and trying to look for people to raid and everyone has already been raided. I didn’t even know there was such thing as duping till I killed a duper and he had 130 C4 on him and tons of stuff. Servers need a reset due to the amount of unfair loot such as that running around the servers. It just needs to happen as soon as the duping is permanently taken care of. I don’t know if they have gotten rid of it or not yet but all I know is what I am seeing. We can’t have a good time playing until this is taken care of and servers reset. I am going to stop playing until there is a reset and no more dupers. Just can’t handle the fact that huge buildings are easily getting broken into with no effort of grinding for the resources to make as many C4 that are needed for a raid project that big. Hope you all had a good New Years, and I hope the developers can see eye to eye with this problem and get it fixed as soon as possible cause me and 5 of my friends have stopped playing cause of this problem. (slightly still hungover so please ignore grammatical errors that I have made.)

a reset + a removal of grenades and c4s till pretty much all the dupe methods are fixed, the game is just a joke in its current state.

No use doing any of this until it is fixed. Why wipe a server when you can still dupe everything even if C$ and Grenades or taken out. No use in doing any of this until the problem is fixed…

It is a start to end the plague that has entered the world of Rust.

Yes, we rather them do something before it turns into (hate to say it) “The War Z”.

Cheaters ruined that game. And devs did nothing. People quit playing and now they started doing stuff.