Resetting Input Controls on Mac

I just really messed up all of the default controls for the game. I have set most back to the default controls that I remembered but am having trouble resetting Fire1 and Fire2 (the mouse clicks do not register as key clicks and won’t be set as the new control input). Does anyone know how to either make sure the mouse click is being seen as an input for the new control or to reset the controls altogether? Deleting Rust and reinstalling does not work, and neither does editing the cfg file as some internet pages suggest due to my computer being a Mac and not containing the cfg file. Thanks

If deleting and reinstalling does not help, there must be some config file left over with the settings somewhere. It is the only explanation.

Perhaps it stores them in your home directory instead of the steam install directory? I don’t know.

Did you try manually blasting the install folder after deleting it?

I don’t know anything about mac as I am a linux user, but if settings are being saved through different installs they MUST be stored in a file somewhere.

I may have found a way, not entirely sure, Download a program called AppCleaner (, now, navigate to ~/Library/Application Support/Steam/steamapps/common/Rust/ then drag the into the AppCleaner window, it will then locate files that are linked to it, then deselect the rust folder with size 3.3 GB (roughly) and go Delete, then restart computer and it should work. All the best! Sorry if it too late, but hopefully will help anyone else that comes across this problem.